The New Year starts with a trip down the memory lane in the Bigg Boss house! Synopsis, Day 103

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On nearing a destination, travelers often look back at their journey to recount the experience of traveling such a long road. As Bigg Boss Season – 8, nears the finale, the housemates are given a glimpse into their journey that they have covered during their stay over the last 15 weeks. Encompassing their entire life on the show this walk down the memory lane will include their journeys from the very beginning; from the highs to their lows, from moments of rib-tickling laughter to the moments when they swelled up with tears, from building undying bonds friendships to harboring their never ending animosity.

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss, we witness how these housemates who entered as contestants, have made it so far on the show reliving their experience on this rollercoaster ride. As Bigg Boss exhibits the journeys of the housemates they are left with a feeling that’s both heart-warming and soul-stirring when they witness a memoir of their quest to survive on this unparalleled reality show. From the time they spent on the Flight BB-08 to the time that they have spent inside the archaic designed house of BIgg Boss, this journey envelopes the adventurous chronicle of every housemate on the show.

The housemates recall every moment of their journey on the show in a time-capsule, bringing a smile on their face while tears in their eyes. From paternal feelings to bonds of brotherhood, from fighting to their teeth to holding hands, this 15 weeks journey has seen a lot of ups and downs but what has remained constant is the aspiration to win the ultimate prize of becoming the winner of Season 8 of Bigg Boss.

Watch the housemates weep, smile and laugh as Bigg Boss Season – 8 nears its finale and steps into the next phase of BIgg Boss Halla Bol!

To find out more, watch Bigg Boss Season – 8, tonight at 9 PM, only on COLORS!

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