The Finalists Of India's Got Talent Season 7

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The binoculars that have been tracking the country’s unique and talented participants, has finally found its treasure trove. Season 7 saw some phenomenal talent  panning across the weekends and raising our curiosity meters to another level. The much awaited weekend is just round the corner and before the country makes a choice, let’s celebrate the finalists who are bringing great pride to the nation and their families.

The Manganiyar Seduction

After globetrotting with the soil of India smeared over their tales of rhythm, The Manganiyar Seduction is weaving it’s place in India’s Got Talent, Season 7. They aren’t just a large group of musicians who play together, but they surely are a group of musicians who are awakening the traditional chords of music in the times of all the Hip-Hop and Rock. They are bringing together, what defines us all, the  ‘Indian culture’ and casting a spell with each of their performance.



Some people play music and some people are music. Suleiman is one such finalist who is re-defining the power of music along with his flute. What he does on stage isn’t merely a performance, but an act that transports you completely and embraces you with the soulfulness of music. This young talent gave music wings and a new flight of hope to his father’s dream.


Trishna The Band

With lots of EDM floating into our headphones and lyrical ‘chutney’ scattered on our playlist, it is a breather to see a band that takes us into rewind. The vocals, the instruments and the lead singer are a bunch of crazy, playful, let’s rock-and-roll kind off boys. They have walked a long mile and earned their place rightfully in the finale. Guess what? They even got the judges to shake a leg.


Akash and Atharva

Dance is about grace and moves, but these two young lads flow like poetry on the stage. They have managed to melt the hearts of not just the judges but their parents as well. They are making the heads turn around to the rhythm of their bodies.


Rock On

Rock On has been creating waves of magic from day one. Right from their concepts to their costumes, from their beautifully coordinated choreography to their impactful momentum, they are like a team of white horses. They continue to gallop in this contest and earn standing ovation after each performance.


Brijwasi Brothers

The sur and taal found their best match with the Brijwasi Brothers. They have come together and given outstanding performances. Right from Parineeti taking a bow and sharing the stage with Salman, Brijwasi Brothers have created a strong pull with the aura of their classical singing.


Nitish and Group

If we could watch them in Slo-Mo, we could spend an entire day and still continue to be enchanted with how Nitish and Group blend together wonderfully. The have been showered with applause and moved the judges to tears. Even though they are a group they perform as a single heart that is beating all odds and etching its mark on the IGT stage.  Their fearless high jumps and well – crafted dance routine shows that there is nothing stopping them from getting ahead.


Papai and Antra

Very rarely would one witness duet performers, who dance like shadows synced with light. Papai and Antra have heard KJo say that they are the best couple dance that he has ever seen. Their stunts perfectly compliment their body language and make their performance all the more mesmerizing. From a father who disapproved of his son’s love for dance to a father who is now utterly proud, Papai is already a winner.


Raju and Sachin

Who knew body balancing act could be narrated like a story until we met Raju and Sachin? They have stunned the judges time and again with their perfect balancing skills. Despite being  daily wage laborers, they haven’t stopped moving towards their goal of winning at India’s Got Talent Season 7. We take a bow to this unflinching faith and hardwork.


Incredible Mallakhamb

The Indian culture has its roots spread far and deep. Rising from those roots are the Incredible Mallakhamb , who have had seamless performances during the season. They have won the applause of the judges and made the jaws drop at their awe striking poses. They have taken Mallakham from being a physical activity and turned it into a spectacle.





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