The Divorce Drama on Kasam reaches a new height!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on December 12th, 2016 at 6:45 pm

Previous week we saw a major twist on Kasam that threw Rishi and Tanuja’s world upside down. Rishi slapped divorce papers on Tanuja’s face upon knowing that she is pregnant. Tanuja was shocked at this move by Rishi.




The drama intensifies this week as Rishi wants Tanuja to sign the divorce papers. Read on to know if that happens…




Tanuja is hurt by Rishi’s behavior but agrees to sign the divorce papers.




At the court, Tanuja and Rishi meet Raaj and they are unable to complete the formalities for the divorce.




Back home, Rano wants to reveal the truth about Tanuja’s pregnancy to Raaj but Biji stops her and everyone hides the reality from Raaj.




Rishi and Tanuja decide to pretend that everything is normal between them.




Raaj announces about Karva Chauth celebrations and also gifts a baby pram to Rishi and Tanuja.




Rishi and Tanuja's life seems to be on a real roller coaster ride! Stay tuned to Kasam, every Mon- Fri at 10PM to know whether Rishi and Tanuja’s divorce materializes or not!

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