The battle for the Immunity Medallion begins on Bigg Boss

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on November 7th, 2016 at 1:45 pm

Bigg Boss 10 is turning out to be king of twists on Bigg Boss already. The commencement of this season brought into light the most interesting competition between the commoners and the celebrities. The fights and the tasks are finally taking the color of the competition in its truest form. Moving away from the team factors, we will now see how the game breaks down to individual game plans.


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The Immunity Medallion is pitted to be the biggest twist on Bigg Boss so far. The contestants are summoned into a room by Bigg Boss and are asked to bid an amount between one lakh to twenty five lakhs. He also states that the highest bidder will win the Medallion BUT the price bid by that person will be deducted from the prize money.


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Now that's a googly right there! This is when we have only one thing to tell the Bigg Boss contestants, ‘tol mol ke bol!'
Tune in tonight at 10.30PM to see who wins at this task and claims the Immunity Medallion as their win. 

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