That's how the guests kept the butlers busy!

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Task took off with the first guest Praneet asking Pritam to wash his clothes exactly in 20 minutes, Pritam immediately abided by the orders and got into action without further questions. But, I wish I was a psychiatrist to understand what was going horribly wrong with Upen! He found no other way to keep the butlers working other than dropping huge pebbles and stones along with heavy dumbbells in the swimming pool. And, to top it all,  he chose Karishma Tanna to bring those out. In a similar instance, he messed the rest room with shaving cream sprayed all over the walls along with tissue papers strewn everywhere. He chose Dimpy to clean the same, but as Dimpy said she is a dog lover and doing all of this was a pinch of salt for her, amazed Upen. It looked like as if he felt a little bad for her cleaning it up, which she did without any stress. Dimpy was also chosen by Sonali to wax her legs, as she funnily kept screaming as each strip came off and Dimpy calmly asked her “Tumne pehle kabhi yeh karwaya nahi?”


It was indeed a busy day for all the butlers. Finally, Big Boss called them all inside and asked which butler earned maximum tips. After counting, Pritam was declared the one with the maximum money with a total amount as Rs.11,81000/-.  This way Pritam was announced the winner amongst other butlers.


There was another twist as the task ended. To know, tune in @9pm tonight! 


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