Tension arises between Ganga and Jagya #Balika Vadhu

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 23rd, 2015 at 4:12 pm

In tonight's episode we will see how Jagya, who is highly upset with Abhimanyu, is unable to control his anger. But this time Ganga takes Abhimanyu's side as she feels that Shivam is the reason of all problems. He needs to stop needling Abhimanyu constantly so as to not create more problems. At the same time Mannu, as an elder brother, tries to guide Abhimanyu that whatever he has been doing is wrong and that he needs to first improve his behavior. Mannu believes that Shivam isn’t a bad boy and makes the two hug and patch up. But Abhimanyu isn’t really happy with reunion.

Meanwhile, we will see how Harkhi, without any mercy, forces Nimboli to fast for her husband’s well-being and long life. However, Nimboli feels discontent over this forceful fast and expresses her feelings to Mangala. Nimboli confesses she dislikes Kundan and doesn’t want to keep this fast for him.

Till when will Nimboli bear all of this? And will the differences between Jagya and Ganga grow further?

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