Teni's earnest wish is to re-unite the Bhanushali family. Will this dream come true?

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Recently on Dil Se Dil Tak we saw how the elders in the Bhanushali household chose to remain miffed with the trio.




With no communication Parth, Shorvari and Teni feel suffocated being under the same roof. They come up with various ways to bring all of them back together. They zeroed down on an idea of keeping a Puja in the house which wouldn’t help the elders resist themselves any further, but bound to join them.




We also saw a hidden love within dadaji when he saved Teni from a mishap in the house. Teni also came up with a sweet way by challenging dadi that she would make better halwa than her! Dadiji graciously accepted the challenge and gave her the recipe and then secretly kept observing Teni as she cooked the halwa.




Parth, Shorvari and Teni initially felt nobody would join but then got pleasantly surprised to have them all join the Puja one after another.

Teni vows in her heart to bring them all back together.




Will she be successful?


How long will this happiness last?


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