Teni gives a new name to her relationship with Parth!

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The ultimate revelation happened on Dil Se Dil Tak recently, wherein the entire Bhanushali household got to know that Teni is a surrogate to Shorvari and Parth’s child. The whole family in shock looked with disgust at the trio and expressed their anguish towards the whole saga.

Parth chose to be honest; he revealed the minutest detail from where it all started.





Ultimately things got back to square one wherein the elders in the family once again felt let down by Parth and Shorvari. Even despite Parth telling them repeatedly that the couple only wanted their family’s happiness nothing worked in their favor. Everyone only felt the entire episode was a betrayal to them.





In the coming episodes we will see how Parth, Shorvari and Teni will move out of the house and start living in the outhouse. Teni would sense the discomfort within Parth when all three will share the same room. To ease him down Teni would give a new name to their relationship, calling it ‘Friendship.’





We will see how Poyni and Indu would take turns to blame Shorvari for everything that happened, but Teni would always standby Shorvari’s side.

In one of the instances the three will be asked to leave the outhouse as well but Teni would refuse this time! She would stand against dadaji!





You simply can’t miss on this shocking scene! What’s on Teni’s mind?


What lies in the trio’s destinies?


To know watch ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ Mon-Fri at 10 PM!

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