Teni brings liveliness in the Bhanushali House

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Last episode of Dil Se Dil Tak was just too good to miss, we saw how Bhanushalis prepare themselves to celebrate the festival of colors. Teni finds everything very dull. She decides to celebrate Holi in her own style along with the members of the Bhanushali house. Initially everyone feels taken aback looking at Teni jumping and dancing, however everyone agrees  later to the fact that one ought to enjoy this way.





In the meanwhile, Kaki doubts on Teni and decides to know her truth. She finds out the visa application form in her suitcase that has ‘Teni Bhanushali’ mentioned in it, wondering if Teni is a Bengali how can she have a Gujrati surname; she decides to expose her truth in front of everyone. Just in nick of time when she is about to blurt out the truth, Teni senses the danger and puts a laddoo that has Bhaang in it in her mouth. Still, Kaki keeps blabbering in front of everyone that Teni’s identity is false. Everyone gets confused.





Teni acts smart and changes the papers when everyone else is busy in the house. When Kaki comes back in consciousness she sees the papers and gets shocked that its ‘Teni Bhattacharya’ and not Bhanushali mentioned in it. Parth and Shorvari take a sigh of relief as everyone gets convinced that whatever Kaki was telling was not correct. Kaki is seen in deep thoughts wondering how that was possible.





Shorvari has to leave Parth and go for seven days along with Baa. She tells Teni to take care of herself. Shorvari even asks Parth to take care of Teni in her absence.





Will Shorvari’s absence create a new problem in the house, now when Teni is in the house?

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