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A well renowned writer, Gulzar sahab is known for his outstanding contribution to the Indian cinema. This week on ‘The Anupam Kher Show’, Gulzar spoke about his life post partition, what inspired him to become a writer and much more.  

Here is a look at some of the things that the legendary writer shared about his life on the show.

On why he wears only white: Gulzar Sahab has been wearing white clothes since his college days. At one time, his clothes weren’t only restricted to kurta and pyjamas; he used to also love wearing dhotis and t-shirts. Now, won't we all love to see him wear something that's a tad little different? Hmmm...

His love for everything Bengali: Gulzar sahab not only likes dressing up in a Bengali garb but also likes everything that is even remotely Bengali. He also speaks the Bengali language very fluently. No, wonder he married the oh so, lovely Rakhee! 

Worked menial jobs: While studying in Khalsa College, he worked part time at a motor garage where he was given the charge of mixing colors. It was his love for books that made him take the job at the first place as it gave him ample of time to study. His farsightedness and perseverance is worth commending.

A rebel at core: Gulzar sahab’s family wanted him to take up a regular job as they felt that a writer couldn’t earn much to sustain himself. It was his love for books and writing that drove him to take up a writing career. At a time when such a career choice was considered odd, Gulzar sahab certainly put up a tough fight.

Turning point: At one time Gulzar sahab was addicted to detective novels. It was only after his brush with Rabindranath Tagore’s novel Gardener that his inclination towards a different kind of writing grew. For Gulzar sahab, Tagore's works proved as a game changer and the person who handed him the book didn't even realise the effect that it would have on the young Gulzar.  

How he became a writer: According to Gulzar sahab ‘a writer isn’t born overnight’. He feels it is a long process and there are little moments in life that really push you towards it. Geniouses like Gulzar only come once in a lifetime and for those looking for that needed push, here is a great example of how hard work always pays off at the end.

Gulzar, the director: Kabuliwallah was the first film that he worked on as an assistant. From their onwards, his tryst with Bollywood began. Not only has Gulzar sahab written dialogues and screen plays for movies but also directed some of the most remembered movies like ‘Mere Apne’, ‘Aandhi’ and Maachis. An out of the box thinker whose representation of real life on reel is magnificient, we surely miss his style of filmaking. Don't we?

Gulzar on why he doesn’t direct anymore: The unfair treatment meted out to his movie ‘Hu tu tu’ by the producers is one of the major reasons why he doesn’t direct films anymore. Another reason being, his first love for writing which he wanted to desperately get back to.Someone who has always believed in realistic cinema, we surely hope you don the director's hat soon!

On his daughter: For the legendary writer, his daughter is the 'core of his heart’. It was with the help of his daughter, Meghna that he finally came out of depression after the movie 'Hu tu tu' bombed at the box office. Her support is what brought back Gulzar to writing. By the sound of it, Meghna Gulzar surely sounds like her daddy's little girl!

Tip for budding writers: For Gulzar sahab, a good writer is the one who is aware of the life around and is able to translate his/her feelings onto paper. A very note worthy tip from a writer who is known to have captured the real on lens with such great effectiveness. 

For all those who are looking for a little inspiration, don't forget to catch the recap of  epsiode 2 of 'The Anupam Kher Show'. 

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