Team Champions calls Gautam a Gaddar!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 6th, 2015 at 2:55 pm

For past two days,  the champions in the house have been discussing how Gautam is being biased towards the opposite team when he should be supporting his own team in the given tasks. Gautam is clearly been seen sitting and chit chatting more with Sambhavna, Sana and Mahek when he should be around his team for support. And this act has been irking the rest of the inmates from Champions. I even heard Champions calling him a ‘Gaddaar’ when at that point in time he didn’t support them and played his own game. Karishma even said that he isn’t a team player at all and always plays the game separately. Gautam are you hearing all this? Why are you doing this?


Meanwhile Gautam was also caught talking to the camera that his teammates were playing dirty game by using wrong tactics to win the game. He then made his famous statement ‘Jo karna hai,chaude mein karo,chupkar nahi’.


Who is right and who is not? figure out yourselves tonight at 9 pm!


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