Tanuja fails in her plan on 'Kasam'

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Previously on the show, Tanuja agreed to sign the papers for Rishi to prove her love for him. Beji constantly kept an eye on both Tanuja and Rishi during this time, praying that Tanuja does not sign the papers. Rishi contemplated whether he was doing the right thing or not. He even tried to tell Tanuja that he was cheating her into doing it but Tanuja found a pen and was ready to sign the papers. Beji saw this and tried to interfere but Rano and Netra stopped her from going to the room.

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Tanuja signed the papers as Rishi felt guilty about the whole thing. She then told him that she loves him with all her heart and his property meant nothing to her. Still under the effect of bhaang, Tanuja revealed the entire truth to Rishi about how Purab and Malaika were plotting against the Bedi family. She also told him that one of the Bedi family members is supporting Purab in his plan. Unfortunately, the bhaang which Beji gave to Rishi started having an effect on him and he did not listen to a word Tanuja said.

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After Raj returned home, Beji expressed anger and scolded him for marrying Rano. She told him everything as Raj listened and got upset thinking everything was over for them. Beji helped Tanuja get back to her senses and told her the truth about how Rano asked Rishi to get the property papers signed from Tanuja. She also added that Rishi was more inclined towards his mother than his wife.

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What will Tanuja do now? Will Purab take advantage of the situation?


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