Tanu returns from the dead for Rishi in Kasam

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on August 24th, 2016 at 11:28 am

The circle of life is never complete unless some undone wishes of the heart are yet to meet fulfillment. Tanu, who passed away by succumbing to her injuries, left a lifetime of scars upon Rishi, smeared with her love. In the matter of moments Rishi’s life slipped away from his hands as he witnessed Tanu’s death in Kasam.

Years later, he has now turned into a man who has remorse over the fact that his love left him bitter. The sanctity of the word Love is dead for him. Meanwhile, his heart is unaware that Tanu has returned. She has come to fulfill her half left promise. Katyani Bai has already made Tanu aware that she has taken birth to save someone’s life. Rishi’s marak dosh will loom around for a while which is why his life will be at the edge of danger constantly, just like before.

At one end we have Tanuja, who is relentlessly seeking a job so that she can step out of Bedi premises or else Rano will make her life hell. On the other hand we have Rishi, who isn’t giving into Rano’s demand of getting married and says he will only marry Tanu. While the entire family is shocked to hear such a response from him, he is very much adamant about the same.

But does Rishi know that his Tanu is back from the dead?

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