Tantrum Queen - Karishma!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 19th, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Beware of this girl! Karishma just hates when someone tries fidgeting with her personal stuff without her permission. So this time it was Praneet, who thought of stealing a couple of candies from her drawer. Karishma got really angry over her drawer being touched without her permission. Bad manners Praneet! You aren’t supposed to touch a girl’s stuff without asking. Karishma came out furiously complaining that this wasn’t acceptable at all.


Praneet heard her murmuring and told her he didn’t mean to touch her stuff intentionally. Oh! So, panditji you mean to say you were sleep walking while you did all of this? He said that he is just like an elder brother to her and she shouldn’t get upset on such a minor thing like that. But Karishma being herself, said whatever that might be she wouldn’t take so lightly it next time onwards. Praneet felt a little bad about the whole fuss and went outside telling others that Karishma shouldn’t take things so seriously everytime. He tried to shout once again but didn't get any support.


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