Swaragini Spoiler: Swara finally reveals the truth about Ragini

posted by Oindrilla Bhowmick, last updated on September 30th, 2015 at 7:04 pm

Ragini is in no mood of changing her ways. Determined to end Swara and Lakshya’s relationship once and for all, Ragini is willing to cross all boundaries that one can never even imagine about.

After Ragini puts Swara in a situation where she has to either marry Sanskar or tell the truth about their marriage, Sanskar kidnaps Lakshya to put an end to the drama. Ragini who is hell bent on shaming Swara in front on the entire family, kidnaps Sharmistha to foil Sanskar’s plan.

With just one last resort to turn to, Swara decides to tell the truth to Lakshya and calls him to the place where Ragini pushed her on the day of their marriage. Will Swara finally be able to prove her innocence and bring out the truth in front of the entire family or will Ragini succeed again?


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