Swara and Ragini,perfect blend of Tradition and Modernization #Swaragini

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Swara and Ragini are two entities who stay in the same ‘Muhalla’ .Irrespective of the fact that the families of the two cannot stand each other,one thing ironically similar about both the girls is the ‘love for Music’.While Ragini loves ‘Shastriya Sangeet’ ,Swara has passion to play Guitar.Ragini is thoroughly traditional and an apt example of ‘Girl next door’ who blindly trusts her family and is rooted to her culture.While Swara is a modern girl who is not only fun loving but, is full of life,yet she is sweet and quite attached to her family.The two together make a perfect blend of tradition and modern outlook.
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Ragini is a young girl of 21st century, but is very homely,cultured and spiritual.She believes in 'Sanskaar' that every parent wants their child to have, and hence ensures she follows those Sanskaars while remaining the apple of her daddy's eyes.
On the other hand Swara is one girl, who knows how to live life to the fullest.She finds happiness in small things.She is outgoing and believes in her dreams and opinions.She cannot see her family in pain and wants to explore life every moment.
Even though they have two different tastes for music ,but when you hear them together you feel it should go on and on and never end.How beautiful! Isn’t it?
Swara is very expressive.She shares an open and friendly bond with her mother and Nani.She has the freedom to be herself and express her feelings.
Ragini is very sober and calm by nature,however quite sensitive too.Anybody's insult or hurt in her family becomes her own pain and misery.She is one girl,whom anybody would want his or her daughter to be like.
Swara also has an intense side,she is very emotional too.Looks can be deceptive certainly!
Just imagine! If they both are so wonderful in their own ways,what wonders they can do being together, by being each other’s support? Your views are always welcome in the comments blocks below

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