Surya dev punishes Sanghya & redeemes relation with Chhaya!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on June 7th, 2017 at 6:13 pm

Last on Shani we saw that Mahadev gave Surya dev his life back. Everyone’s happiness knows no bounds. Chhaya’s father, Maharishi apologizes to Mahadev for having given him a curse to go through the same suffering like his own. Mahadev smiles and says everything is fine as per the time.






Later in the Surya Lok, Sanghya plans to demean Shani and Chhaya. She says Shani had no right to put her family into trouble while he was punishing her because her family wasn’t at fault. She tries to coax Surya dev once again, but this time Surya dev takes a complete stand in favor of Chhaya and Shani. Surya dev says, he was noticing if Sanghya would change but she did not. In fact he says he would be the one who would give the fourth punishment to Sanghya. Sanghya gets shocked at this!






In the meanwhile Surya dev with all due respect and love accepts Chhaya, a long cherished dream of Shani to see his mother getting her dues.






Will Sanghya take revenge for this? Are you curious to know what’s upcoming in the track of ‘Shani’?


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