Super Heros Vs Villains revisited!

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Remember the task that happened and created the entire ruckus about Diandra’s violence over Sonali? So, the task was introduced yet again for the contenders from Super Heros team to convince the villains individually that they should put up the stickers of their name in order to make them further eligible for immunity. Who were the Super Heros? Well they were the winning team from the ‘Kabhi haan kabhi na’ task, with addition of Karishma having the special right and benefit to join the winning team. Hence as per this task, each villain would put the name tag on their t-shirt of that Super Hero he or she felt was potential and deserved to have immunity.


Ali was seen convincing Upen as to why should he put his name on him, they even had a small argument wherein Ali claimed he never tried harming Upen in anyway and also stood by him during bad times. However, Upen chose to go with Karishma despite knowing and telling KT that so many times she betrayed their friendship but by this gesture of his he would prove that at least he was a loyal friend if not her!

The villains, who tried  to save their preferred Super Heros were– Puneet for Gautam,Upen for Karishma, Sonali for Dimpy, Praneet for Pritam. Ali was the only one who was left out and thus had to stand out of the race of Immunity. It was quite an entertainment to see Ali howling in front of the camera saying, "Main lut gaya barbaad ho gaya!"

Ali ka ek hi funda ‘Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega!!’


Don’t miss the exciting episode tonight!


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