Sunny Leone's Viral Video Task continues it's crazy momentum on Bigg Boss 10

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on November 22nd, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Spunk and funk tuned in high with yesterday's viral video task given by Sunny Leone. Team Bani and Team Lopa have to get their team members to put their best foot forward to earn the brownie points and secure the safety for their team from the nominations. 

PIC 18


PIC 20


Tonight, the same fun continues and the contestants still try to pull all strings of drama to earn a win. Rahul in Swami Om get up and Swami Om in a bath tub, we leave to your imagination how hilarious this can get.


PIC 36


PIC 37


PIC 43


PIC 53


PIC 54


PIC 55


PIC 50


Also a round that sees members from both teams talking about the members of other team members in front of their standees. We sure they have some really interesting things to say!

PIC 22


PIC 24


PIC 25


PIC 31


PIC 33


PIC 29


But all these efforts won't reap success unless Sunny is impressed. Let's see which team can smoothly manage to get this gorgeous lady to tip her remarks in their favour.

PIC 35


Tune in tonight at 10.30PM to see the second chapter of Viral Video Task on Bigg Boss 10!

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