Sudden twister changes the whole game!!!

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It was almost the end of the first day of the game and by now Ali and Mahek had quit too! However, the rest went on with strong desire to win till the end. They all looked fatigued, except Gautam, who wasn't talking much during the task. But just then Rahul was called in to collect a task related letter, which he was asked to read in front of everybody.*Lol* Rahul being called in place of Bigg Boss's favourite KT because she was inside the cage!


Struggle of the task turned into a sudden silence as the letter brought in the twist in the game. There was another option offered to the challengers who were still in the task that any one contestant leaving the task within half an hour could take a privilage in exchange to directly nominate a contender during next nominations.


Now, this was unexpected and put all of them in a fix! Karishma and Dimpy immediately decided to quit, but by the time Rahul finished rading the letter, Karishma declared she would quit and told about this to Upen, him being the conductor of the task. But just then, Dimpy got a little upset and said that she gave her name before Karishma, and Upen did partiality which was just not correct. Another heated argument broke between the two.



Do you think Upen could actually have been partial? Who is more likely to surpass the torture?


Catch all the spice tonight at 9 pm!


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