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Do you think it is easy to style yourself or style any character in this fast-fashion, brand-frenzy westernized culture? And what if you have to style the characters of Mauryan age in todays time? Sounds impossible doesn’t it?

But, Colors has once again gifted its viewers with something they could happily accept as a part of their weekly routine. Interstingly, with Chakravatin Ashoka Samrat, Colors has managed to hit the bulls’ eye to narrate the epic tale of the great emperor in the most stylish way. From the cast to the production, the crew to humongous set and from the larger than life action sequences to the costumes everything fits is just perfect. Here is a style blog on the characters of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.



Ashoka: Played by the very talented Siddharth Nigam, his costume matches his physical appearance rightly. A young lad who has an athletic fit physique us dressed in a traditional satin ‘Dhoti’ which has contrasting border work to add the classy finish. Adding accessories on his neck, wrists, ears and ankles takes us back to the actual style men back in the mauryang age used to carry. If that wasn’t complete, the young fearless warrior was given a designer sword which replicates the tradition and perfects the look for the great emperor Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.




Dharma: Character of Ashokas mother played by Pallavi Subhash carries a very simple yet and interesting look. Dharma is styled with long cotton sarees that has graffiti sort of design on it which adds the contrast in the simplicity of the character. The look would be incomplete without her long “odhani” which doesn’t hide her beautiful long hair. Added with minimal accessories make absolute justice to the simple character of Dharma.




Helena: Character of the Greek princess played by Susan Bernert is that of a “stylish vamp” of the historical mauryan age. To style a negative character that too of a princess is not a cake walk. Keeping it absolutely classy by wearing long stylish Greek gowns with all the bright colors that also shades her character. Adding some specific Indian art work to give the rich princess look along with golden waist belts, arm jewelry and eye attracting neck pieces makes her princess look worth a second look. The crown and the different stylish tiaras complete the look of Helena like cherry on the cake.

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