Stunts of the week start with some spooky experiences

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on February 14th, 2015 at 8:44 pm


This Saturday will feature the contestants experience some paranormal activities inside their rooms! Looks like the risky and petrifying tasks aren't enough for them and these strange happenings make them feel restless even more.


The first task of the day named 'SHOCKEEN' would take the chosen ones pass through a ring which comprises of wires with electric current flowing in it while collecting 10 flags and then jumping off while taking the final flag off. The sight in itself looked fearful and puts the contenders into two minds, whether to do or not to do it! But,is it so easy to give up? Certainly the one who would complete would be called a real bravo! 

The two other tasks,one is called 'Buggy ride',wherein inside the tumbling booth the contestant would remain locked while it takes topsy and turvy turns until one unlocks the three locks inside with the three keys dropped inside the booth already. Even more killing is to see them perform the next stunt which requires them to be inside a cage placed partially inside the water,wherein they have to pass through one window to the other by cutting its metal ropes,finally taking the flag and coming out of the water that would result in sinking the room completely!

Every week gives us hair raising experiences! Bet you wouldn't want to miss on that!
Keep watching!

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