Stumped!: Bigg Boss ki Bhavishyavaani is the Luxury Budget task

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So, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to gather in the garden area where a huge chair was covered with red cloth making the housemates anxious and curious. I even overheard them saying that it  was another wild card entry. Lolzz! Anyway, that curiosity soon ended when Bigg Boss said how has he been closely observing each one of them, their personalities, their mood swings, even their true nature and most importantly their temperaments. He further added that this week’s Luxury budget task was based on the same. Boss told them how well he knows them that could make perfect predictions about each one of them; as in what would be the reaction of each housemate in any given situation.


The task was called ‘Bigg Boss ki bhavishyavaani’, where the chair carried a huge book that looked nothing less than a gospel covered in red. Once uncovered, it  looked nothing less than a Talisman surrounded with some holy smoke. Bigg Boss revealed that the book carried fifteen predictions about the housemates, which would come true during the two days of the task but will only revealed as the task ends on the second day. At the same time ten other predictions were openly put up in the living area which they could read, but here the challenge for all the housemates was to prove those predictions wrong! Also, assuming what was in the book without opening it.


Some of the predictions that were put up openly were-


1.Gautam aur Karishma din mein teen baar haath pakad kar dance nahi karenge

2.Saare gharwaale raat ko soyenge,

3.Upen breakfast, lunch aur dinner nahi banaayega

4.Puneet Sonali ki captaincy mein Sonali ko dominate karenge


These fun predictions clearly indicate they all had to do everything opposite! Aren’t you curious to know what the further predictions were?


Do not miss the episode for anything tonight @ 9 pm!


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