SPOILER! Rajveer asks Prem to gamble Simar

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on May 28th, 2015 at 7:17 pm

In the midst of all the thrilling drama going on in the Bharadwaj family of Sasural Simar Ka, Bharawadj family's future now depends on a gamble! Rajveer has challenged Prem for a three round card game. If Prem wins he gets the property papers and the Mani. Prem agrees to gamble and promises Simar that he will return with a special gift for her. Prem wins the first two rounds of the card game and wins the property papers and the house. Rajveer then asks Prem that if he wants to win the Mani he will have to gamble Simar in return.

The Bharadwaj house is decorated as a part of ‘teej’ pooja and everyone is enjoying the festival by singing and dancing. Simar dances in anticipation of Prem who is gambling against Rajveer and waits for him to return to the house with the gift he promised and break her fast. Watch the drama unravel in this spoiler video!

Will Prem defeat Rajveer and bring home the gift he promised Simar? Or will Prem gamble Simar for the Mani?

To find out, watch Sasural Simar ka at 7:30pm only on Colors!

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