Spoiler: Imli gets freedom; Bhaiyaji schemes bigger

posted by Oindrilla Bhowmick, last updated on April 6th, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Nothing comes for free and that’s what Chakor learns this week when she gives up winning the marathon race in exchange of her sister Imli’s freedom. Chakor on returning to Azaadgunj realizes that her sister Imli is working with Bhaiyaji as a bandhua worker. Determined to teach Bhiayaji a lesson and to free the village from Bhaiyaji’s terror, Chakor takes the help of her media friend Aditya. However, when Bhaiyaji comes to know of Aditya’s involvement, he kidnaps him and only let’s go off him when Chakor agrees to keep him and the media away from Azaadgunj.

After Bhaiyaji’s proposal last week that guaranteed Imli’s freedom in return of Chakor purposely losing the race, Chakor is seen losing the marathon run to another contender at the beginning of this week. As per Bhaiyaji’s promise, he frees Imli of bondage, but Imli refuses to leave Azaadgunj for a better life elsewhere. Only later it is revealed that Imli has fallen in love with Sooraj, who exploits this opportunity for his benefit by offering Imli to work as an employee with them.

Imli’s freedom doesn’t mean anything to Sooraj or Bhaiyaji as they have other vicious plans concocting in their heads. Now with Imli getting her freedom, it is yet to see whether she will take Bhaiyaji’s side or help Chakor in her mission in bringing out the truth in public. What nasty plan is Bhaiyaji upto next and will Chakor be able to find out his evil scheme before it’s too late?

Stay tuned to Udann to find out what happens next.

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