Spoiler Alert! Ranvir and Ishani share a kiss of love! #MATSH

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on February 25th, 2015 at 3:24 pm

Ranvir and Ishani’s Valentine date has been full of fun, surprises and some heart touching moments. But if you think that with someone disturbing them it is going to end their date night then nuh-uh, what we’re going to tell you ahead is a huge spoiler alert!

There has definitely been a disruption in the date night but for Ranvir and Ishani that’s just a pause because what’s a Valentine date without a kiss of love? As soon as the lights are off the two lovebirds try to sneak around and spend some time but unfortunately we hear that the family arrived leaving them no chance to share a kiss. Meh!

But has RV ever accepted defeat? Away from the prying eyes our sources say that RV successfully sneaks into Ishani’s room but Chaitali comes there too and RV has to hide in a cupboard. As soon as Chaitali leaves Ishani helps a suffocated RV out and in desperation to help him gives him a mouth-to-mouth respiration and there happens the much-sought for ‘Kiss of Love’! Unfortunately for her, and luckily for RV and us (wink!) Ishani doesn’t know that her husband was only pretending to be short of breath. Haha!  Smart move, RV!

Seeing these two dipped in their feelings of love is sure making us feel mushy! Are you feeling the same too? Tell us your thoughts about this much-loved couple of Ranvir and Ishani in the comments below!

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