Spoiler Alert: Devyani is attacked! #Shastri Sisters

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on May 1st, 2015 at 12:10 pm

The story of Shastri sisters is getting intriguing by the day! Ever since ‘once upon a time’ lovers Neel and Devyani became foes the duo can’t even stand each other. Just imagine! Let’s go in flashback and remember how Neel turned out to be a not-so-trustworthy partner and betrayed his love. Dejected and heartbroken Devyani faced the challenges alone related to the leaked MMS showing Neel and Devyani’s intimate moments.

Clearly life has been a real roller coaster ride for this sister. This week we’ve seen how a hopeful Devyani, finds a job of her choice. But on the very first day while she is giving presentation the same MMS clip pops up on screen. Devyani this time confidently handles the situation. Post that she bumps into Neel in front of a huge crowd. She slaps him and warns him to stay in his limits as she knows that he is the one trying to make things miserable for her

But will Neel retort to this humiliation? The scene builds up when he drinks at the bar and his friend offers him help for the same, and the duo plan something which could have never been imagined by Devyani even in her worst nightmares! What is that? Click here to know!

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