Sorry what? Ali challenges to smooch Gautam!

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Ali has had enough from Gautam taunting him too much around his  'mouth to mouth breathing ' episode. So, today  an idea struck Ali mind and with the support of other housemates he plotted something which would freak Gautam in such a way that he will never tried to joke on the same topic ever!


He went ahead and told Gautam that if he ever heard him saying ‘mouth to mouth’ again, he would go ahead and make that statement come true by kissing him right on his face. Gautam intially ignored his words but soon realized that Ali was actually getting serious about what he was saying. Others like Karishma, Upen, Sana and Sambhavna, who were around tried to scare Gautam saying “Bach ke rehna,yeh jo bolta hai wo kar bhi sakta hai.” By then Ali had already started teasing Gautam by trying to hold his hand, singing for him and sitting next to him flirting. Oh Yeah! He tried to flirt with Gauti. He also sang “Aadmi hun aadmi se pyaar karta hun”


While, all this was no less than an entertainment for the rest of the gharwalas who were sitting and watching the two as if some interesting flick was going on, this actualloy started scaring Gautam. He tried ignoring him first, but Ali kept on saying that he would do the job within 24 hours.Gautam was so perturbed that at times he made faces and next moment scolded Ali to stop, getting annoyed!


But when it went on for a while, Gautam seriously said Ali that if he wouldn’t stop all that, he would do something during late night which would be enough for Ali to swear not to take any pangas with him. Interestingly, Ali had noticed a mole on Gautam’s lips which nobody ever did. In fact, Gautam mentioned that no girl had ever noticed that but Ali did. And how? Now this made him a little doubtful about his intentions. I just laughed at the last expression Gautam gave when he said that. *Hahahaha*  


Watch Ali following his love in tonight’s episode!


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