Sooraj remained adamant and refused to listen to Chakor in last night's episode

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on February 1st, 2017 at 12:10 pm

A lot of drama happened in last night’s episode, when Chakor repeatedly tried to convince Sooraj to ask for an apology from Kamal Narayan, but the latter refused again and again saying, no matter what happens or what shape he is in, he would never ever beg in front of Kamal Narayan.

Chakor tried telling Sooraj that sometimes it is important to handle the situation tactfully, but Sooraj stayed adamant.

Here, Kamal Narayan asked his men to take away the clothes and and necessary belongings of Sooraj and sell it for one rupee. Knowing everything, Sooraj feels bad and explains Chakor why Kamal Narayan is doing all of that. He requested Chakor to save his special jacket at least.





Amidst all the sufferings Sooraj is going through, Chakor’s mother smartly hid a packet of juice near Sooraj’s feet. Sooraj truly felt grateful for Chakor and her parents for saving his life and the jacket.

Watch tonight’s episode at 8:30 PM to know what happens next.

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