Sonam comes in Doli, puts Sehera on Gautam!

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I am not joking,  Sonam Kapoor being the special guest for the evening surprised the housemates as she  entered the house as a ‘Dulhan in doli’ with Ghunghat dropping down her face. She had come to promote her movie ‘Dolly ki Doli’ . Dimpy then read out a letter saying the special guest would only remove her Ghunghat if all the men in the house did push ups, and whoever did the maximum would be honored to uncover her face. Ali was the first one to give up and Gautam was the one who sustained till the end. Obviously he got the privilege to do the honour. In return, Sonam honoured him with Dulhe ka Sehra.

Later they all played a small game of, ‘Spinning the wheel’. Basically, the wheel had two arrows that pointed at the two pictures of the housemates on the wheel as it stopped . I almost giggled in my mind to see  the first two names-  Gautam and Diandra! Sonam asked Diandra what were the three things she felt was good and bad about him, Diandra said 1st should be his kiddish behavior that he should change, 2nd was that he is prone to going in the same loop as in repeat mode, 3rd she quoted him ‘Dil se accha’ which he shouldn’t change ever! Wow! The other duos who were asked the three questions were Sonali-Upen, Puneet-Pritam and Dimpy-Praneet.

In yet another activity, housemates were asked  to name a housemate who denotes the prop that was sent by Big Boss himself. Dimpy chose a cactus for Karishma and called her ‘Raaste ka kaanta’. Ali picked up a  Brinjal for Praneet and called him‘Thaali ka baingan’, Puneet picked up cervical collar for Karishma, calling her ‘Pain in the neck’ spontaneously Karishma replied saying ‘Yeh patta main aapko dena chahti thi’ *Rofl* Perhaps they have forgotten the father-daughter bond they shared during initial few weeks! *Heeehee*


Let’s watch tonight's episode to see who bids-adieu to the Big Boss house!

Tune in @9pm tonight.



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