Sonali will rule the house for a week!

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So the majority believed that Sonali should be given one fair chance to show her jalwa as a captain, however many at the same time didn’t believe if she would be able to handle the position. She has hardly been involved in the household chores throughout the season. Gautam said how he wasn’t sure if she will be able to do justice, but then he also mentioned that one shouldn’t judge someone’s potential without letting that person try at least once .And she was the only one in the house who had yet not become the captain. Bigg Boss announced that the housemates had to write down name of one person whom they felt should be given a chance and drop in the ballet box kept in the living area.


Surprisingly, everyone gave their votes to Sonali, including Gautam, who seemed absolutely chilled with the idea of her winning over him.Well, for Karishma,Upen and Dimpy it was very obvious even despite not liking Sonali they voted for her as for Gautam they have some special place altogether, where they cannot stand Gautam. Hence, Sonali was the obvious choice! Though they gave diplomatic reasons why they wanted Sonali to become the captain. 


Catch what else happened during the selection in tonight's episode @9pm.


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