Sonali sobs again? And why this time?

posted by Admin, last updated on November 24th, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Apparently,Sonali finds Praneet to be his closest in the house, she looks upto him and finds him to be the most sensible. But who knew that one action would shatter Sonali's faith on her dear friend and confidante! This happened post nominations, when Black Mamba got to know that Praneet didn’t choose her name but somebody else's, making that person safe. She had never fathomed this and when this happened, she couldn’t hold herself and broke down.


Praneet felt extremely guilty realizing how badly he had hurt his kid sister. He was seen continuously apologizing for this and kept telling her that she is an extremely strong contender, who has been nominated almost every week but still goes safe. He also added that it’s a game and they all are playing it, this would affect their relationship in anyway. Dimpy also joined the two to console Sonali but that too didnt seem to work for Sonali's despair. 


Oh! This girl never cries so easily and when she does that means something must have definitely gone wrong hurting her. Praneet you lost on that one dude! You should have given it a thought before.But yes! cannot blame him too as even he is playing his game.Sonali was last seen telling "Main roun ya hansun I don't understand."


Watch how the relations taketopsy turvy turns in Big Boss House!


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