Sonali predicts a fight in the house!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 2nd, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I saw Sonali and Dimpy handling the monitor to watch the activities inside the house. Puneet had been warned by Big Boss about his antagonistic side last time but looks like he has forgotten about all those. During the current task once again in order to prevent thief-Karishma from stealing the show piece, Puneet got a little forceful as he leaped at the store room door pushing KT a little inside.Tanna took a stand saying that she was physically harmed in the ordeal.


Karishma mentioned how she went disoriented for two minutes as she got hurt. Pritam stated since she was hurt she wouldn’t go to jail, which was objected by the guards. This left a bit of a bad taste between Pritam and the rest of the members of P3G ever since nominations. However, the situation subsided there and then, but Sonali told Dimpy that Puneet should be more careful as previously there have been ugly instances which they all have gone through. Sonali being a senior in the show narrated this to Dimpy,but Dimpy shrugged off saying that’s not her responsibility to care for such petty things as it’s all about game,and that as guards it was their duty to save all the antiques.


Oh Gawd! Dimpy all Sonali wanted to tell Puneet is “Sanyamm se kaam lena hoga”.


Take a chill pill babe!


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