Some really interesting facts about Lord 'Shani Dev.'

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As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Shani is one of the main deities. He is associated with planet Saturn and is revered by many devotees.


Let us go through some interesting facts about Shani dev.



Shani is the son of Lord Surya dev and  Devi Chhaya. Lord Yama is his brother and Yamuna and Bhadra are his sisters.



Lord Shani is a big devotee of Lord Mahadev.



Shani dev never harms anyone intentionally. He always keeps an eye on the people, watching their good and bad deeds. People having bad karmas are punished while the ones with the good karmas are rewarded by Shani.





Shani is one of the main Navgrahas. He has the power to ward off evil from a person’s life.




Shani dev signifies the qualities like hard work, honesty and discipline.



Chhaya was a dutiful wife of Surya dev. She was faithfully serving her husband while Shani was in her womb. Due to the extreme heat of the sun Shani in her womb turned black.



Shani (Planet Saturn) is also known by other names like Manda, Kapilaksha and Sauri.



As per the history, Shani kicked his foster mother when he was young as she was delaying to feed him. Hence he got cursed by her, due to which he started limping. This is the reason why Shani moves very slowly in the horoscope as compared to the other planets.



Shani puja is usually done on Saturdays. It is said that Shani dev feels happy when devotees offer him mustard oil.


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