Some Pursue Happiness While Others Shed Tears: Synopsis, Day 66

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The App Task continues on Day 66 of the Bigg Boss 8. Housemates wake up to yet another tech savvy day filled with emotions and tears.
Equations seem to be changing during Puneet’s captaincy as Gautam and Diandra seem to be spending more and more time with each other. While once friends Dimpy and Ali have turned foes now .Renee boycotts her recharge tasks even today. Sonali is seen going around the house in search of a new friend as her tiff with Upen and Gautam still continues. Karishma still has high hopes of meeting her mother.
As the afternoon prevails, Pritam is the lucky one to be summoned in the activity area. Pritam is provided with an opportunity to meet his wife Amanjyot as one of his options. As expected he jumps up to grab the rare wish and drains out 32% of the battery. However it is better not to expect anything in the Bigg Boss house. As Pritam went inside the Snapdeal room to meet his wife, he is a little disappointed to see a glass window between him and his wife. Seeing his wife standing in front of him with tears is her eyes Pritam’s emotions knew no bounds.
While having a much awaited conversation on the headphones, Amanjyot tells Pritam how much she loves him and that he is doing great. But she is worried about him getting influenced by Puneet and Gautam. . Pritam agrees with Aman stating that he had been influenced for a couple of weeks but now he is back on track and will stand up for what is right and what is wrong. Just as Pritam thought this was it, Bigg Boss surprises him once again by bringing his 14 months old son Aditya to him. Pritam then requests Bigg Boss that if he cannot really hug his wife due to the glass door he would really want to take his son inside the house to make him meet all the other housemates. All the housemates are happy to meet the young Pritam leaving all of them absolutely emotional.
After meeting his wife Pritam is found mingling in the house with a new found energy just like how Gautam flourished after meeting his mother. Puneet and Karishma who are still waiting to participate in the app task continue hoping for a surprise for them too.. But what the Bigg Boss house has in store for them will surely leave the housemates shocked. With technology comes responsibility too, but what if the person is not responsible at all? Karishma and Puneet will get the taste of the same.
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