So these are Puneet and Karishma's opinions on each other!

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Karishma is definitely trying very hard to change her image it seems. In the past few weeks there have been several spats inside the house wherein she and Punzz were involved. But, even then she has approached Puneet in order to get a little support from his end. Apparently, she has sensed that he is the real ‘mastermind’ and whoever remains in touch with him gets lots of advantage *Heehee* Not to forget, KT is a very smart girl! My khabri brains start working even more fast everytime I see her approaching those whom she doesn’t like much wearing a sweet smile.


Karishma wanted to talk to Puneet so eagerly that after she stood against Puneet in captaincy task, she constantly questioned him that why does he still feel she shouldn’t be a captain? What are the reasons, despite her working so hard and being cordial with everyone? Puneet had his own reasons to give and he himself is clever enough to be diplomatic whenever he talks in such matters.Ensuring that at that this point in time it was important to be in good books of  Tanna, even after he told her about her strengths and weaknesses. But, one thing is very evident that Karishma is a clear girl.Especially because she said that once they both are out of the house she would have the same pure feelings and respect for Puneet. She was sure about the same from Puneet’s end too. What confidence!


Tanna all this will be clear only after you two get evicted, darling. But, I appreciate your efforts trying to make things better with people around, with whom you have had bad experiences, isn’t this move worth applauds?


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