Sneak Peak before meeting Salman

posted by Admin, last updated on November 23rd, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Last I noticed all the housemates rehearsing the ‘Big Boss Anthem’ that they have prepared. And I must tell you that it was a nice attempt. Let’s see what Salman, Big Boss and the Janta Janaardan think of it.  Besides, I also noticed a slight tiff between Puneet and Nigaar, for a very petty reason. Actually, Puneet received a letter from Big Boss about the details on the on-stage presentation of the anthem in the garden area.While he read out the instructions, Nigaar interrupted Puneet in between, which annoyed him to an extent that started shouting at Nigaar asking her to read the letter. They both got into an unwanted argument which was not required! Nigaar tried to explain that she just wanted to put across her point.

Nigaar didn’t react much but preferred moving out of the scene as Puneet continued. Feeling a little hurt she shared with Upen how bad she felt about the entire thing. Poor baby! Psst Psst. On the other hand I saw Di chasing Gautam, who was busy with something. When Gautam questioned if she needed something, she laughingly said no, just his company! She said “Main hi tumhaare paas baithna chahti hun,tum toh aate hi nahi paas”. Is this the same Diandra, who couldn’t stand Gautam at some point in time. Such drastic change! Puts me into doubts sometimes thinking if she is playing a game once again since Upen and her friendship is going through troubled water.


Catch as one more lady leaving the house tonight!


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