Six Reasons why we love Pinky Bua so much!

posted by Neha Verma, last updated on August 1st, 2014 at 9:00 pm


She is one the ageless charms of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Yes, you got it right we are talking about our very own Pinky Bua. The way she carries herself is commendable. From a child-like-heart to a diva-like-beauty, Pinky Bua is a complete package. Here are six reasons why we love her so much:


Twanty-two year-old-story: Despite being twanty-two for last twenty two years, Pinky bua is so sure that she is still a Twanty-two year old hot, sexy and glamorous chica. We too love your belief bua.


 Bitttoooooo… Kaun hai ye Aadmi: When someone disagrees to take her, she shouts and we laugh! Bua! You rock!


 Empowered Bua: She would always come and take charge of the situation. Yoooo Bua, you can do it!


Ding-dong-oh-baby-sing-a-song: She can do anything to woo any man. The only conditions are: he has to be a man and he should be alive. We understand you, Bua.


Haan..jab tak hai jaan jaan-e-jahan, Pinky Bua nachengi:  If singing doesn’t work, bua will dance too.


Crazy-duo: The fun doubles when Bua teams up with our Dolly dadi to do crazy things and we absoulety love it.

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