Simhika comes with a sole aim of vengeance on 'Shani.'

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The plot of Shani got more intriguing especially after Simhika’s entry on the show.





Simhika, who is Rahu’s mother gets startled after she gets to know that it was Shani because of whom her son’s head got amputated and now the two parts of his body are called – Rahu and Ketu. Fuming in anger Simhika takes all the details from Rahu about what happened in the past and burns with a resolve to take revenge from Shani, come what may.





Simhika has the power to take control of people’s shadows. The trinity is now aware about Simhika yearning to take revenge from Shani. They mention that if Hanuman and Shani don’t join hands then things could go worse and out of control. Shani and Hanuman with Ganesh’s support, who is also known as vighnaharta would be able to be able to save this cosmos from major desctruction.





On the other side Rahu pleads his mother to take revenge and use her power that she is blessed with for the same.





What’s going to happen after this?


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