Shumbh-Nishumbh plan to abduct Parvati this weekend on 'Mahakaali'.

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The story on Mahakaali last freezed at the point where Mahadev realizes that Sati is no more.




This weekend we will see the appearance of Bhadrakaali and an infuriated Mahadev will reach Daksh’s palace. There would be a creation of Veerbhadra, who would be sent out to kill king Daksh. We will see Veerbhadra killing the soldiers of Daksh, eventually Daksh would be killed in the end.



Later in the story, in a devastated state Mahaadev would be carrying the body of Sati and would be travelling through space. Lord Vishnu with his chakra would cut Sati’s body into pieces that would fall at different places on ground.

Further in the episodes we will see how Parvati having all her questions answered would return back to Kailash. But there is another obstruction that’s awaiting Parvati.




Shumbh and Nishumbh would plot along with Darun to kidnap Parvati and bring her to the forest somehow. Darun’s wife Darukaa who is a big devotee of Parvati would be instigated by Daarun to ask for a boon. Daaruka will be seen asking mata Parvati for a vardaan (boon) i.e. nobody should be able to defeat her in the forest.




Now the question arises whether mata Parvati gives this boon to Daaruka or no? Will Shumbh-Nishumbh be successful in their attempt to abduct Parvati mata?

Watch Mahakaali this weekend to know the full story.



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