Shocking: Shorvari says she can't live with Parth anymore because of his impermissible relation with Teni!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on September 11th, 2017 at 3:32 pm

Story of Dil Se Dil Tak has taken a serious yet interesting turn as Shorvari has increasingly started feeling uneasy about Parth and Teni’s bond. She even accused Parth for an inappropriate action towards Teni sometime back. Being a wife, Shorvari’s insecurity creeped in midway making her feel not so happy about just everything that was happening even casually between Teni and Parth.




Shorvari warned Parth and strictly told him to make things clear in front of Teni, and that she should know she is just a surrogate to their child. Parth who loves his wife deeply understood her worry and assured her he would do the same. He confronted Teni and fired her to be in her limits as there are enough people in the family to take care of her and she doesn’t need him around all the time, also adding that they have a pact in between i.e. once she delivers the child she would receive 10 INR. His behavior leaves Teni totally dumfounded and in shock! Parth could feel the pain of hurting Teni but he felt helpless at the very moment.




But looks like things wouldn’t get fine still after this. Things would turn uglier in a manner which would enrage Shorvari further in the upcoming episodes, to an extent that Shorvari would even declare in the house that she wouldn’t be able to share the same roof with her husband anymore as he shares an illegitimate relationship with Teni!




It’s a big accusation on Parth! Wouldn’t you want to know what goes wrong even after Parth makes everything crystal clear?


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