Shocking: Now why did Dimpy go against P&G?

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Dimpy darling has had her rounds of tiffs with this group, majorly Gautam and Pritam of course. And it’s known that she can’t stay calm until she speaks her problems out with those whom she feels she can still be amicable with. And for the past one week,  because of repeated disputes with Pritam and Gautam, she has slightly drifted her choice of staying more with the anti-P2G, which is Oopi and KT. Seemingly she is gelling around quite well with them too! Bitching-Bitching equals to Super bitching! *Hehehehe*


Dimpy caught hold of Gautam and said that during Hijack task, he initially favored the provocation and when somebody prompted at him that Punz thought otherwise, Gautam said, “Punzz ko keh do what goes around comes around ,and that was the way it should be.”  But when the actual task happened he completely changed his statement and favored Pritam saying whatever she was doing was wrong. He changed his colors, which was absolutely wrong. Gautam kept giving reasons but Dimpy stood for what she truly believed in. She went upto Puneet in fact to discuss.


What did Punz advice Dimpy? Whatever it may be, let’s not forget to appreciate Dimpy’s courage to stay strong even when closest turned against.


Got to go!


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