Shocking: No one liked Dimpy as a Captain, but she gets another chance!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 19th, 2014 at 12:33 pm

It was the day for the selection of a new house captain and Bigg Boss asked the housemates how many of them weren’t happy with Dimpy as a captain? Everyone raised their hands except Puneet. Puneet was absolutely happy and satisfied with Dimpy as a captain, may be because she is the one Puneet adores the most after Gautam. At least that’s how it looks like for the equation they share.


Bigg Boss then announced that with their mutual decision all the housemates should come up with two names whom they wanted to stand this time to fight for the captaincy. As mostly zeroed down on Praneet and Sonali’s names, them being the only ones who never got that chance, it were Upen and Karishma who didn’t find them to be the right candidates. Apparently, the duo’s point was that one slept the whole day and another didn’t want to be the captain ever and never participated in work*Lol* . They also had a small dispute over this too, but Bigg Boss firmly mentioned the names wouldn’t be finalized until there was a consensus. Eventually, Upen and Karishma agreed on Sonali and Praneet in half hearted way. Hence, what I heard was Bigg Boss proclaiming Sonali, Praneet and Dimpy competing against each other to win the captaincy!


What was the task? Well, you will have to catch in tonight’s episode @ 9pm.


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