Shocking: Enemies become friends in the finale week?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 26th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

I am talking about nobody else but apna Gullu and Upma who have been spotted hanging around more often than ever before! How wonderful and astonishing was it to see the trio laughing and joking together. I was unable to digest it initially! Upen had anyway changed his perception about Gautam during his second stint in the house but more interesting was to see Karishma and Gautam reaching a comfort level. Phewww! Like really finally! They have at least started understanding each other and another reason for this camaraderie was the trio counting the days to the finale.


I noticed Upen and Gautam wearing almost same color outfits! Looking at them for a moment I recalled all those instances wherein they have fought like anything. And look at them today, sharing clothes and bonding like Bros. Wow!!


All the housemates were once again seen playing cricket in the garden in order to while their time.They now seem to be somewhere at ease realizing whether winning or no, they all had come a long way. How pleasing the sight looked! I wondered if I was dreaming but no; it was all the effect of spending the last week in the house and coming to terms with the reality of the game.


I'm also going to go and take some chill pill!




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