Shocker: Good Girl Gone Bad! Manoranjan Threatens The Bhardwaj Family.

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on May 21st, 2015 at 4:05 pm

It’s all happening at the moment in the Bharadwaj house and we can assure all you viewers that nobody would want be in Simar’s shoes or in the Bharadwaj House for a matter of fact. The Bharadwaj family has been tackling a lot of trouble since quite a while now and it all began when with ‘Naagin’ Maya and then came Aryan with Rajveer who was on a killing spree and as if that wasn’t enough already! Good girl turns bad. Yes, Manoranjan is the new vamp in the Bharadwaj House.

It sure came across as a shocker to all the viewers when they found out along with the Bharadwaj Family that Rajbeer is Manoranjan’s son. Manoranjan sure played her cards smartly and strikes at the right time to trouble the Bhardwaj family by getting her son Rajveer in the house. In today’s episode you shall see Manoranjan who was always alongside Mataji, is now threatening Simar and the Bhardwaj family to prepare themselves to face the worst time in their lives. She searches for Maya and moves towards Siddhanth’s room. Simar tries to stop her but she doesn’t stop.

What will happen next?  

To find out keep watching Sasural Simar Ka Monday to Saturday at 7:30pm only on Colors.

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