Shivangi's identity at stake on 'Naagin 2'

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Previously on the show, we saw Rocky finding out the truth about Rudra being an icchadhari naag. Rocky also discovered that Shivangi is a Suryavanshi and decided to take her with him to Panchner Haveli. Sesha tried to follow them without being noticed. Rocky then took Shivangi to Sheshnag Mandir where he asked Shivangi to touch the Naagmani as she is is a Suryavanshi and only the ones with the Suryavanshi mark can touch it.

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Rocky revealed to Shivangi that he read in the Naag Lok book that the Naagmani emerged in a cave and that is where it rightfully belongs. Sesha overheard their conversation and decided to stop them. Rocky drove off with Shivangi to get to the cave and Sesha followed them in her snake form. She grabbed the car with her tail but Shivangi used the Naagmani’s powers to hurt Sesha. Rocky and Shivangi reached the cave where Shivangi placed the Naagmani on a stone as Seshnag appeared and took it which Sesha saw in disappointment.  

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Later, Yamini called Rocky to tell him that Sesha can’t be a part of the Pooja he arranged as she is not feeling well. Rocky arranged the Pooja to expose Rudra who he thinks is trying to harm Shivangi. The Saperas continued with the Pooja and Rocky noticed Shivangi was feeling uneasy.

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Will Rocky find out Shivangi’s secret? How will Rudra deal with this predicament?

Tune in tonight to find out!


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