Shivangi strikes at Manav on 'Naagin 2'

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Previously on the show, we saw Shivangi transform into an avatar of Ma Durga and kill Mahish at the temple. She executed him and reclaimed the Naagmani to save Rocky’s life. Rudra reminded Shivangi of her mission and not get distracted by love. Shivangi assured Rudra she didn’t forget and that she was going to kill Manav next. Ruchika came across Gautami on the streets who she thought was dead. Ruchika decided to take her home so she can use Gautami as a device for blackmailing Shivangi to retrieve the naagmani. Shivangi warned Gautami to pretend she does not remember anything of her past and stay out of Yamini, Avantika and Ruchika’s way.

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Shivangi shape-shifted into Ruchika to lure Manav to the bedroom and kill him there. Shivangi asked him to remove the garud kawach which he was wearing as a protection. Manav spotted Rudra hiding in the room and told Shivangi who was disguised as Ruchika to attack Rudra. Shivangi revealed her true identity to Manav as he stood there shocked.

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Is Manav’s life at an end? Is Gautami’s life in trouble again?


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