Shivangi confronts Nidhi on 'Naagin 2'

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Previously on the show, Sushant fought Shivangi in his owl form after vowing to kill her. Shivangi told him that she won’t stand down. Sushant revealed that Gautami is pregnant with his child after he forced himself on her. Shivangi got enraged and killed him. Rocky, Yamini and Sesha arrived and saw Shivangi fleeing in her snake form. Sesha followed her into the wilderness but Shivangi managed to escape.

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Shivangi took a moment to remember her mother and promised again to avenge her death. Nidhi came to Yamini and told her that she found a way to kill the icchadhari naagin in the form of a person called Tapaswini mata, who has killed her fair share of naag/naagins. Shivangi targeted Yamini next as she believed her to be the biggest member to blame for her mother’s death.

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Nidhi took Shivangi to a cave and asked her to disguise herself as Tapaswini and face Yamini. Nidhi told her that she should kill Yamini, Sesha and Mansi and avenge her mother’s death. Shivangi proceeded to grab Nidhi and revealed that she knows Nidhi is the eighth murderer. Nidhi took out a gun and threatened to kill her but Shivangi said no bullets can harm her. Nidhi told her to look behind her, where Gautami was tied up and hanging from a tree. Nidhi fired a bullet at her as Shivangi looked on in shock.

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Is Gautami’s life in danger? Will Shivangi be able to kill Nidhi?


A lot more excitement in store for you in the coming weekend.

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