Shivangi close to finding out Avantika's secret on 'Naagin 2'

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Previously on the show, Shivangi and Guruji went to the cave where Avantika, Yamini and Sesha had laid a trap for the Naagin who they suspected would come to claim Rudra’s body. Guruji helped Shivangi recover Rudra’s body by blowing magical powder into the air to create a distraction. They  escaped, and then performed the last rites for Rudra.

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Shivangi headed back home where she told Nidhi chachi about how Avantika killed Rudra and Rocky knew about the trunk. Avantika, Yamini and Sesha argued about Rudra’s body and how the Naagin’s powers will be weakened since they killed the Naag. Shivangi stepped inside the trunk and descended down the stairs to find a man tied to a chair who turned out to be Avantika’s first husband, Shishupal who Avantika has kept captive. He told Shivangi that he knows Avantika has sent her to find out the secret of her death and then proceeded to hurt her. Shivangi denied. Before he could hurt her again, Shivangi transformed to reveal her true identity to him.

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This weekend, Shivangi will be seeking revenge for Rudra’s death as she goes after Avantika. Shishupal is the only person who knows how to take Avantika's powers away from her so she can be killed without much trouble. Now that Shivangi has found Shishupal and saved him, she will be aided by him in killing Avantika.

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Is this the end of Avantika?


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