Shastri Sisters: Sumit is like a family to me - Sonal Vengurlekar

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We recently got in touch with your favorite. 'Devyani' aka Sonali Vengurlekar from Shastri Sisters. The lovely looking girl got candid with us sharing about the show, her on screen and off screen chemistry with her co-star Sumit Bhardwaj and just everything that you ever wanted to know!


Here's what she revealed to us-


Q:  It’s nearly been 1 year, how has the journey been so far?

A: Totally awesome! The members of ‘Shastri family’ are just like REAL family. In fact there was a time when none of us wanted a ‘Chutti’ because we enjoyed being on the sets together!


Q. What's your opinion about your career graph in the show so far?

A: My character has always been full of energy and chirpiness. It went through various phases, as initially Devyani was a carefree girl, who also at one point in time went crazy in love. But gradually the role shaped up as she started facing challenges in life and every situation helped her mature. Especially, the major turning point in her life was ‘Neel se dhokha…’ and I think his planned attack on her taught her a big lesson.


Q: Tell us about your much talked relation with Sumit Bharadwaj (Neel).

A: Sumit and I are very close. He is a best friend to me! This being his first show, initially he used to be apprehensive about certain things since everyone including me was a senior in industry, haha! But we slowly developed a good friendship and I gave him my frank comments whenever he did something wrong. We share a great comfort level and we both are there for each other to help out whenever needed. In fact, whenever we have to give a romantic shot it comes naturally to us and others are amazed by this on the sets.


Q: And off-screen what are Neel and Devyani to each other?

A: It’s amazing! Sumit is like a family to me now. After pack up we usually prefer going together for movies and outings. We are with absolute ease with each other.


Q: What else are we going to watch in Shastri Sisters, especially your character?

A: Soon you will see a love triangle between me, Neel and a new entry coming soon on the show. And Neel will realize his mistake.


Q: Will Neel-Devyani ever come back together?

A: Definitely! Hero aur Heroine kaise nahi milenge? There is more masala coming on its way, you have to just wait and watch!


Q: Any message to fans?


A: I am extremely grateful to my fans who have loved me all this while. I am who I am because of them. I never excelled at studies and this made me feel if ever I would be able to achieve things in life, but my fans have made me realize that I was wrong about myself. Also it feels great when people idolize you as role model, it’s an honor. My heartiest thanks to one and all.


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